Lotus Kyamba Evicted Big Brother Amplified

Big Brother Amplified has evicted the housemate Lotus Kyamba on Friday May 20, 2011.

This is in response to her contravention of the Big Brother rule against violence earlier in the day during an argument with Luclay.

Violence will not be tolerated in the series by M-Net and series producers Endemol.

Luclay pushed Lotus to the edge early this afternoon, reducing her to tears. But she fought back for all she was worth.

This transpired after a simple argument concerning the Head of House Task was blown out of proportion.

Lotus told the guys how she had forgotten to write the South African currency during the Head of House Task, and kicked herself for missing it, saying she had concentrated more on the European countries and by the time she went through the African countries, she could only write a few.

Luclay took offence, saying she had no respect for her host country. He continued to go to town about it, insinuating that Lotus had ignored South Africa on purpose because she didn't know the country uses the Rand. "You're disrespecting me now," Lotus warned;

Luclay apologised sarcastically, causing Lotus to cry and they then lashed out at each other, throwing harsh words and insults around. By the time the rest of the Tailsmates caught on to how far the altercation had progressed, it was too late, with Lotus really losing her cool and slapping Luclay.



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