Growing up in Ibadan, Oyo State Nigeria, Janelia started singing in the choir as a teenager and went on to sing professionally while in college, starting as a backup singer. This has seen her grow into a phenomenal musician, as can be witnessed in her music. Janelia has actually become what she wanted to do since she was young, become a singer, actress, wife and mom.
Janelia says that she is all about ART, MUSIC and LOVE:
“The ‘Art’ because I was born a natural artist, evident to my parents since I was a toddler. I also received a bachelor’s degree in “Fine Arts”. There are many things I do besides music, everything has to be artistically done and these many aspects of me can be perceived as a gestalt. I am Art.
The ‘Music’ because I just simply love music and singing gives me joy. It is also an extension of my artistic expression. Emotions I cannot paint, draw or braid about, I sing about. I love it so much that I have chosen to make a career of it and want my music to move people.
The ‘Love’ because it is the greatest of all. Like music, love is a universal language. We need more of it in this crazy world and it is a prevalent message in my music.”
Growing up in Nigeria, but currently living in America in Baltimore, MD, Janelia was exposed to many genres of music, and she had an appreciation for it all. This has made her musical influences range from Sade, Barbara Streisand, Bob Marley, Fela Kuti and more. She is a sucker for great love songs and that’s what she mostly writes about. Her music is mainly a blend of West African sounds with an urban feel. Her fluency in the Yoruba language can also be seen in her compositions and she hopes to add a few more Yoruba songsto her upcoming album.
Asked what her inspiration was, Janelia says “My inspiration comes from my experiences. I am also empathetic in many ways so I do not have to experience something before I write about it; I just have to feel it. Whether I experience it or feel it, one thing that is common is that it haunts me until I put it down on paper or sing about it. It could be specific lyrics or a melody or a thought provoking feeling; I am consumed by it until it is expressed. It’s usually one at a time, meaning I don’t write two or more songs concurrently.”
She describes the reception of her music as very positive, and is both amazed and grateful that all types of people from all over the world are liking her new song and video for “Love Song in Yoruba.” She further adds that good reception encourages her and bad reception encourages her to prove them wrong.
Asked about when to expect her album, Janelia says that her creative juices are still flowing and that the album is being recorded with live instruments together with some very talented musicians. It’s her hope that it will be completed before the end of the year and released by early 2012.
She dreams of touring the whole of Africa, UK, Australia, parts of Asia and generally anywhere her music is welcome.  She is currently planning to hit the road and do a national tour in America after her album is done, calling it a pre-album release tour. She is excited to meet with her fans and forge deeper connections.
Her advice for upcoming artists;
1. Be original
2. Always take it to the next level
3. Keep going… don’t let anyone tell you are not talented, as long as you know it, you are good!
Fans can check her website for tour calendar and other updates.


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