Jossy out in Big Brother Africa Amplified

Jossy - Nambia (EVICTED)
Well, the musical relationships have started. Ernest and Bhoke had a good thing going (or at least that is what he thought) but she made it clear (after throwing herself at him shamelessly, previously) that she was a little concerned about perceptions and wanted to know where he stood and how he felt about her.  Hmmm….that didn’t go down very well.

Hanni and Lomwe seem to be attracted to each other and the Nic and Ernest talked about how Hanni was not an easy girl.  Wonder what it made the women they were with feel like?  Nic and Kim seem to be getting along rather nicely.  Let us see how long this lasts.
Jossy from Namibia was voted out of the house after losing a tie breaker.  Initially he got one country vote along with Confidence and Danny, so a percentages were used as a tie-breaker to determine who would stay.  Confidence had 18% and Danny 11% while Jossy had just 9%.  Danny moved from the Heads house to the Tails house and Confidence went back to Heads.
The voting breakdown was as follows:
Weza: 6 country votes, Angola, Tanzania, Zambia, South Africa, Malawi, Botswana (24%)
Vina: 3 country votes, Nigeria, Rest of Africa, Uganda (20%)
Vimbai: 3 country votes, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Kenya (17%)
Confidence: 1 country vote, Ghana (18%)
Danny: 1 country vote, Ethiopia (11%)
Jossy: 1 country vote, Namibia (9%)



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