Emprezz Mullings visits Ethiopia and Kenya

Singer/songwriter Emprezz Mullings is visiting Ethiopia and Kenya to solicit a collaboration between her and Kenyan entrepreneurs and celebrities to focus on a message that helps empower youth and address issues that are closest to their hearts.  She is traveling with Steven Golding, President of the Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA) and the son of the Prime Minister of Jamaica.  He is a radio host and lecturer.

Emprezz is also a journalist and TV show host, and a boutique owner.  She has performed at the reggae Festival in Montreal, the reggae festival in Columbia, the show Smile Jamaica – TVJ,  the Port Royal Jazz Festival,  and theVillage CafĂ© and Jamaica Nice on weekends.
 She has also graced stages in Japan and released an album last year with a group, Passenger 7, on the Pony Canyon Label in Japan. She is currently spear-heading another group, Lady Traffic , produced by Sly & Robbie on Universal Records in Japan.  Her style is dubbed neo-reggae and she believes “in life you need to find your innate talents and use those to achieve your goals”.

Emprezz speaks regularly at Primary and High Schools on self- esteem, confidence and building a better Jamaica. Womanbition is another one of the movements she leads alongside another 4 women that focuses on young, abandoned, and abused children.  She runs a boutique with business partner, Nadia Stanley called Stanley and Empress Boutique.  They recently started a show on TVJ called ‘Talk Up Yout that addresses issues that are relevant to youth.  Tackling everything from albinism to sexual abuse, the show has already garnered such a huge following in its first season that they decided to launch a website to address issues in more detail.



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