Ghanaian Charms Hollywood Actress

Latest information from the set of Leila Djansi’s new movie indicate that Hollywood actress Kimberly Elise has taken a keen interest in a Ghanaian guy called Tony Prince Tometi, the production designer for the movie ‘Ties That Bind’.

Both Kimberly and Tony are currently not married and their relationship has become a subject of gossip among the cast and crew of the movie that is still being shot.

Tony, a former student of National Film and Television Institute (NAFTI), has worked in Ghana’s movie industry as production designer and arts director for the past seven years. He has worked on a couple of Ghanaian movies that made it to the international market including ‘No Time To Die’, ‘Sinking Sands’, ‘Warrior Queen’, and a number of others including Leila’s new movie ‘Ties That Bind’.

Since Kimberly’s arrival on set late last month, NEWS-ONE has learnt that she has been stalking Tony and using the least opportunity to take photographs with him.

NEWS-ONE reports say Kimberly is falling for Tony because of the way he looks, as he bears a striking resemblance to Hollywood musician cum actor Will Smith.

A source on set said Kimberly is shocked by Tony’s looks and wants to have more photographs with him, so as to show them to Will Smith when she returnes to America.

“She probably wants to tell Will Smith that he has a brother in African,” a close source said.

“Kimberly was asking me, are you sure you guys are not related,” Tony told NEWS-ONE.

Kimberly is yet to talk to NEWS-ONE about Will Smith’s look-alike.

However, she has expressed joy for being on Leila’s set and shooting in Ghana for the first time.

“I think Leila is a wonderful artiste that I wanted to support her and what she is doing. She asked me to be a part of it and I am having a wonderful time in Ghana,” she said during a press soiree to outdoor the lead cast of ‘Ties That Bind’.



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