Big Brother Amplified: Vina, a definite finalist

By virtue of winning the Head of House Task on Friday and surviving Eviction on Sunday, Vina became the first Amplified Housemate to be guaranteed a spot in the Final week.

She has a Save and Replace decision and in the event she does not opt to place herself on the firing line the same way Karen did when she was Head of House, she can safely consider herself one step closer to the big prize.

Since there's only one eviction show left before the finale, Vina can use powers vested upon her as Head of House and secure a shot at the USD200 000 prize money.

Throughout her stay in the Big Brother House, Vina only dodged nominations once; that happened the first week when Housemates were reunited.

Other than that, she has been up for possible eviction each week the Heads House nominated but she had an opportunity to save herself and replace with Felicia, who was eventually evicted.

It would be expected for Vina to feel that - after all the emotional turmoil associated with Evictions - she deserves to get a shot at the big reward.

Baby Jet Dumps Castro

Hip-life musician Castro may have to look elsewhere for a new stage craft to boost his music career because his secondary school mate Asamoah Gyan, the Ghanaian soccer star who is a striker for England's Premier League club Sunderland, says he is no longer interested in music.

Asamoah Gyan aka Baby Jet, for close to a year now, has been the main charm that has shot up Castros's music career after the musician agreed to feature on one of Castro's songs,   'African Girls ',  which became an instant hit with the 'back on and on dance' .

Asamoah and Castro again released a duet, 'Do The Dance', and the song is still topping music charts.

Indeed, Asamaoh Gyan has been the main reason why Castro seems to be reigning on the music chart in recent times but the soccer star says it is time to say goodbye to showbiz and concentrate on his football career.

Baby Jet is leaving the music stage at a time the applause is loudest for him and he would be forever remembered as one of Ghana's best entertainers. But it definitely does not come as welcome news for Castro, who more or less is soaring to greater heights on the wings of the footballer.

Reports say Asamoah Gyan is quitting music because a couple of soccer legends have advised him to concentrate on his football career if he really wants to go far in life and achieve greater feats.

Felix Aboagye, a former Ghanaian International footballer who played for Mumbai FC and Anthony Yeboah of 'Yegola' fame are reported to be among the several soccer legends who advised Baby Jet to concentrate on his football and shun his night club music performances and musical concerts.

'My two songs which have been top of the charts are okay for now. I have to concentrate on my football career…I have heard people saying 'he should concentrate on his football career'…But I am a very determined person with my job. Off the field, I joke a lot but when it gets to work time, I am fully concentrated,'   Gyan was quoted by Ghana

Less than a week ago, Baby Jet spoke to NEWS-ONE about how he handles his fame:

Most Entertaining Person in Ghana
'Yeah, it is true I was given that award recently and I thank Ghanaians for that. I just do my best as I said. When I see the crowd and they want me to entertain them, I just do it without feeling shy or feeling big. I am me and I want them to see me just as I am. Castro and I rehearse a lot and I try to do my best for the fans.'

What is the magic?
'Well I attribute it to God. I just do my best and leave the rest to him. My big brother here has been very helpful and he is my secret to success. He advises me and tells me how to go about things from football to everything. I owe him a lot and I must say that here.'

The Asamoah Gyan Dance
'That one too is just great and we would be releasing a new one soon. There are more interesting things we want to do for Ghanaians because we love them a lot. As to how I learnt that dance, I can't tell but my boss Castro is here and he may best explain. I just do my best to entertain people especially when I score. I do the dance and everyone seems to like it. I feel happy because we plan to do it on the field and all of a sudden people love it. People should just watch out for something new. Most of my foreign friends (players) love the dance. Anytime we are in the dressing room, I teach them because they are all trying to learn it.'

Asamoah Gyan Foundation
'My brother and I would be coming up with the Asamoah Gyan Foundation this December. It would be a charity foundation and our priority would be to promote female education. We would be doing other things to help society but for now, our aim is to promote the girl child as far as education is concerned. I have the passion to give back to society and that is what pushes me to do this.'

Alex Biney has a crush on Nadia Buari, plans to be an actor

The second evicted Ghanaian representative in the on-going Big Brother Africa Amplified has given indications that he is going to be hitting the entertainment scene pretty hard because he is seriously considering going into movies.

Alex Biney known as 'Bomaye' was in the house for about 70-days, and was among the latest number of evictees from the Big Brother Africa house.

He told The Globe entertainment that he has a number of proposals he is considering as of now but he is very likely to go into movies.

“Well I have had several offers since I came out of the house, especially from movie directors and I am seriously considering that”.

Alex Biney and Confidence Haugen were among 14 other competitors from other countries competing for the ultimate prize of $200,000.

Now that the two Ghanaian are out of the competition, Alex has named two people he thinks stand a good chance of winning the cash prize.

“Nigeria's Karen and South Africa's Luclay are at the forefront of the race for the double $200,000 cash prize”.

As the norm has been, every evictee is honoured with an eviction party and Alex's party was held at the Aphrodisiac Nightclub, where Confidence's party was held.

The Globe entertainment was present as usual and managed to chitchat with Alex and what he intends doing with his new found fame. It was there that he revealed that the movie industry is going to be his new destination.

As of the time of this interview, one of the big names in Nigeria's movie industry known as Andy Best had just taken a picture with Alex who could only be described as 'the unknown celebrity' because it was only during his going into the Big Brother House to represent Ghana that he was drawn into the celebrity spotlight.

Globe entertainment eavesdropped on the conversation between Alex and Andy Best who is a producer, a script - writer and a marketer of Nigerian movies we can confirm, that the two exchanged numbers with the latter very eager on working with Alex.

Alex has also hinted that he would be releasing his fashion line which he has been working on for some time now.

“My fashion line is called 'MAGPIE' and we would be coming out very soon starting with Denims, T-shirts, slim fit jeans and many more in the very near future but for now there are several possibilities and I am always open to everyone of them”.

Alex has been granting several interviews since his arrival in the country on Thursday July 14 and it looks like the interview sessions just started. In one such interview, Alex was with one of the country's beautiful actresses Nadia Buari whom he was seriously checking out.

When The Globe entertainment asked him what he thought of the actress he laughingly said “I have a crush on Nadia Buari and I want it to turn into something more than a friendship, so Nadia if you are listening, 'holla @ your boy'...”

With a few weeks to go to the end of The Big Brother Amplified competition, the question still remains, who wins the $200,000 cash prize? No one can tell for now but we are all very certain that it definitely would not be Ghana.

Ron Kenoly To Perform Live In Ghana

TOP AMERICAN gospel singer, Ron Kenoly, is billed to perform at this year's Adom Praise concert to be held at the Accra International Conference Centre on August 27.

The aim of Adom Praise, which is a yearly musical event organised by the Tema-based radio station, Adom FM , is to celebrate God's blessings on the radio station and to honour Him for His faithfulness.

The year's event is expected to attract a large number of gospel music fans. It will feature seasoned and talented gospel music stars in the country who will showcase their powerful and alluring voices to the satisfaction of the audience.

Last year's event witnessed a performance by one of the American gospel music divas, Cece Winans, who performed alongside some selected Ghanaian gospel artistes.

This year's Adom Praise is expected to attract a massive patronage from gospel music enthusiasts, believers, politicians and Ghanaians of all walks of life.

Dr. Ron Kenoly's musical style is one of jubilant praise and individual excellence on musical instruments. Although Dr. Kenoly himself only plays an instrument on one of his recordings, he leads comfortably with his voice and is always backed up by musicians and a large choir.

Eddie Nettey and Foster in 'Gallery of Comedies'

Two of the nation's young and brilliant actors, Eddie Nettey and Foster Owusu-Amponsah, will display how funny they can be on stage when they team up with other members of the Globe Theatre Group to put up a play titled 'Gallery of Comedies', at the National Theatre on Saturday, July 23 and Sunday, July 24.

Both young men are graduates of the School of Performing Arts, University of Ghana, Legon.

Eddie has been fairly active on the cinema screens but is also a real gem on stage. Foster is gradually carving a name for himself in the comedy circuit and is a regular on ' Laugh a Minute' on Viasat 1 as well as the comedy shows at the Citizen Kofi Entertainment Centre.

'The Globe Theatre Group is a bunch of extremely talented young actors and they make the ' Gallery of Comedies' so much fun to watch,' says Latif Abubakari Batalima, head of the Globe Company that is producing the play.

' Gallery of Comedies' , scripted by the Nyansapo theatre, emerged as the winner in a call for scripts by the Globe Company.

According to Batalima, though stand-up comedy was common in the system, well-produced full-length plays in the comedy vein were not staged regularly. That is why his outfit had decided to put out at least one comic play annually, starting from this year.

'We had several scripts to choose from and Nyansapo's work emerged as a very strong contender capable of entertaining and holding audience with its funny but very educative storyline,' Batalima said.

'Gallery of Comedies' is a high voltage drama that plays out in a virgin church and school. Professor Chibere establishes the school with the aim of promoting socio-economic development. Some of his students, a bunch of young men, however begin to admire his daughter and that sets them on a collision course with the professor.

There will be two shows each day, 4:00pm and 8:00pm. The Globe Theatre Group used to be known as TLG and it performed the ' Romantic Nonsense' and ' Kiss The Corpse' plays written by Nii Commey.

'Remember, the world is a stage and life is drama,' Batalima states.

The ' Gallery of Comedies' is a production by the Globe Company in partnership with Joy FM and GTV. It is sponsored by rLG Communication.

Big Brother Amplified: Bernadina, Zeus and Mumba evicted

As the Big Brother Africa (Amplified) reality show continues its knife-edge stages, three more housemates, Bernadina, Zeus and Mumba have been evicted from the show Sunday.

Prior to Sundays live eviction show, 13 housemates had already been evicted from the show and with about two weeks to go, the reality show went into a different gear as the competition got keener.

Last week's eviction show took viewers by surprise as Big Brother boldly for the first time in this season's show evicted three housemates, Alex, Miss P and Weza.

Sunday's eviction which had Bernadina, Lomwe, Vina, Mumba and Zeus up for eviction was no different from last week's as Big Brother decided to implement the 'three' eviction rule once again.

After a recap of the week's activities, the agony of eviction stated taking its toll as IK, host of the show, reached out to Vimbai, Head of House, to officially declare who she is saving from possible eviction and who she putting in that person's place.

The Head of House who was dressed in a towel decided to save her fellow country man, Wendall, who interestingly she also has a thing for, putting Mumba up for eviction.

When evictions started, Namibian housemate, Bernadina was the first to be asked by IK to leave the house. After sharing final hugs and kisses with housemates, she left the house to the Amplified stage.

After coming to terms with the housemates who nominated her for eviction, Bernadina was shocked to know that her trusted pal Luclay also nominated her for eviction. She was however quick to blow a fuse at him. Luclay's fuse prevents him from receiving any message from home all week.

Botswanan housemate, Zeus was the second housemate to be evicted from the show. After he was shown the housemates who nominated him, he blew his fuse at Wendall. Wendall's fuse will see him wearing a floral swimming cap for the whole week.

Mumba on stage with IK after her eviction

Mumba was not lucky as that unfortunate swap by Vimbai saw her packing. Her eviction was really emotional as some of the housemates were in a state of shock, speechlessness, while others were in tears.

Mumba's fuse was however blown at Luclay again. Not only will the South African housemate not receive any message from home for a week, he will walk backwards throughout the week - a double fuse.

As per this week's votes, Lomwe had 5 country votes – votes from Malawi, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya and Mozambique. Vina followed with 4 country votes receiving votes from Nigeria, Ethiopia, Ghana and the Rest of Africa.

Mumba had 3 country votes – votes from Zimbabwe, Zambia and Angola while Zeus had 2 country votes. He got votes from Botswana and South Africa.

Bernadina had the least number of voting obtaining 1 country vote from her home country, Namibia.

Viewers and fans were thrilled to exciting performances from Eltido featuring Banky W and the Amplified dancers.

Story by Ernest Dela Aglanu/

Big Brother Amplified Alex on kissing the girls, over eating and more

Ghana's rep to the big brother amplified reality tv series, explains his gay encounter growing up and says he isn't homosexual. he also address the issue about him eating too much in the house and what he hopes to get from participating in the show


Yayra Erica Nego wins Miss Universe Ghana 2011

Miss Yayra Nego, a 26 year old professional model and pageant consultant impressed the judges with her elegance and smartness to ease her way to the top with fierce competition from first runner-up, Jennifer Amegbor, and second runner-up, Angelica Alomele, respectively.
Yayra E. Nego Miss Universe Ghana 2011The judges for the finals were Ameyaw Debrah, Rodney Quarcoo, Valentina Sweetie Forte, Claudia Kwarteng-Lumor, Dehner Henry and Brazilian Ambassador to Ghana, H.E. Luis Fernando de Andrade Serra.  Yayra will proudly represent Ghana at the upcoming Miss Universe pageant in Sao Paulo, Brazil in September.
The selection process was another exclusive event which proved to be a master execution from the pageant organizers to focus on the content and results without the usual big budget production value.
Miss Yayra Nego expressed her immense joy by summing her excitement into one sentence, “my dearly departed father would have been so proud for me to represent my ancestral roots as a strong and determined Ghanaian woman of color”.
Yayra E. Nego has a Ghanaian father from Mafi – Adidome in the Volta Region of Ghana and an American mother of German and Persian ancestry. Miss Universe Ghana is organized and produced by the Insignia Group.

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