Broken Dreams – The story of the young Somali men who went back home

When people think of Somalia, most people probably think of pirates, terrorists, war, and the recent stories of the young Somalian men who left the United States to fight in Somalia. Lots of rumors swirl around these images and one journalist has decided to tell their story.
Fathia Absie
Fathia Absie
Fathia M. Absie is a Somali-American who works at the Somali Service of the Voice of America (VOA) in Washington DC. She is passionate about telling stories–especially stories that bring the truth to light. Her passion for Somalians to tell their own story has culminated in a documentary called ‘Broken Dreams’, which talks about the young Somali men, highlights the factors that drove them to make their decisions, and the ripple effect their decision had on the Somalian communities in the Diaspora. What is particularly puzzling is that most of these boys left Somalia as refugees when they were very young. Some of them came here in the United States as toddlers while some of them were born outside Somalia in refugee camps and elsewhere.
These boys were the lucky ones who have been given the opportunity to come to the United States of America as refugees. Many of these young men had a bright future and were pursuing their American dream when somehow they’ve decided to just give up everything and to go back to Somalia to fight alongside Al-Shabab, the terrorist group that has links to Al-Qaeda. 6 of them are now dead and 16 or more are missing in action. No one knows there whereabouts. This documentary tells the story of some of the deceased boys and their parents.
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