Up Close with Ghanaian International Model Yawa Tsagli

 Model. Svengali. Ultraprenuer: that’s how it reads on her business card. Yawa Tsagli is a determined soul aiming to blend the allure of Alek, the star power of Naomi and the acumen of Tyra. Showing an early interest in fashion and modeling when her looks were praised one too often, she has decidedly followed her passion with gusto and panache.
The modelling scene in Ghana, like most places, is fierce-with a multitude of girls fighting for the limited amount of jobs however, Yawa understands these realities and saw an opportunity to use branding, out-of-the-box thinking and careful image management to set her apart from the fashionistic herd. ‘Talent, like beauty, is so over-rated’ she quips. ‘One has to be professional and focused if you want to be successful’ she continued.
Coupled with her adage ‘1% inspiration, 99% perspiration’, Yawa’s networking with top rated photographers, designers and brand consultants, has culminated in admiration and a blossoming career on the local front which has seen her on catwalks, calendars and commercials and an invitation to speak at an upcoming World Entrepreneurship Day event this April at the British Council. Things seem to be looking up for the spritely beauty. ‘Mind you, it’s not every door of opportunity you walk into’ Yawa said thoughtfully. ‘There are many pitfalls one has to avoid. For me, as a cub in this industry, I need to be mature, discerning and circumspect in my decisions, so I don’t get my dreams short-circuited.’
So what’s her masterplan? ‘That’s an easy one’ she says. ‘To ultimately create my own fashion label amongst a range of other business interests, hit the runways of South Africa, Europe and The States and appreciate life for all the good things God has done for me.’ Deep thoughts for one so young but Yawa assuringly states that she has quite a few mentors in her life, especially, her father, who continually mould her.
In the meantime, Yawa continually seeks opportunities to set herself apart. ‘I realised going for auditions and waiting for agencies or companies to come for me was going to be leaving too much to chance so I decided to build a better mousetrap, so to speak, so they could come to me instead.’
‘Yawa loves her career and naturally looks to the high-ranking supermodels for inspiration but she admires successful Ghanaian models like Belinda Baidoo and Kate Tachie Menson who have proven that with the right attitude, hard work and heaps of good fortune, anyone can make it in this business.’
So what’s next for Ms. Tsagli? ‘I won’t be a svengali if I let it all out, now, would I? she enigmatically noted. To get get in touch with  this Young professional aspiring model, you can get hold of her on Facebook and via her website below:

source: omentgh


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