Streaks of colour in hairstyles

Towards the latter part of 2010 hair colour highlights gradually gained grounds in our hair salons. It's now a street style trend and we'll be seeing more of it this year. Some are a delight to see while others are just plain weird. I wonder how one person can carry  six streaks of colour on one head - yellow, blue, orange, red, purple green  - and dress appropriately for any occasion. I'm not joking. I've come across a few people with this incredible clownish look.

The best combination I've seen  are two to three colour highlights. Mid to lighter tones of purple, blue and red on rich black hair plus a neutral blonde shade or any of the brown shades can easily be accommodated when you dress. The best way to go about selecting colour highlights for your hair is to take into account your  natural skin, hair, and eye colour and also the colours of the clothes you wear on daily basis. It will not be  practical to choose your hair colour based on only a specific attire to be worn on one occasion.


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