Rocky Dawuni urges fashion designers to promote national colours

Ghanaian fashion designers have been advised to promote Ghana’s national colours to whip up the interest of Ghanaians in their use.
Concerns have been raised about the low patronage and exhibition of paraphernalia made in the Ghana national colours; Red, Gold, Green and Black.
In 2007 Ghanaians were fanatical about wearing cloths and paraphernalia made of the Ghanaian national colours as part of the Ghana@50 celebrations.
Artists who created various paraphernalia made of Ghana national colours generated lots of revenue as people, both old and young, patronized the products in commemoration of the celebrations.
It is surprising to note that few Ghanaians were seen adorned with cloths made of the national colours on the 54th Independence Day anniversary celebration on 6th March 2011.
Some attributed the low patronage and exhibition of the Red, Gold, Green and Black that symbolize the allegiance Ghanaians owe to the nation, to the gradual demise of patriotism among Ghanaians.
But Ghana’s international music star, Rocky Dawuni has told Adom News that, though some Ghanaians have lost interest in the use of national colours for reasons best known to them, fashion designers can turn the table around.
He says Ghanaians will love to wear cloths designed in national colours if they are attractively crafted.
He has therefore urged fashion designers to employ creative means to entice Ghanaians to patronize cloths made in Ghana national colours.
Rocky Dawuni believes this will help promote the national colours both home and abroad.
The music icon who always hoisted the Ghana flag as a back drop on the various platforms he has performed, told Adom News “there have been several instances where audiences who patronized my international shows, approached me to find out my nationality and the meaning of the Ghana National colours, which I explained to them.”



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