After promising a new era of High Life music in Ghana, Akwesi Appiah, known in showbiz circles as Slim Flex has hit on another musical note called “ODO PA”, produced by the man in the mix, Appietus of Creative studios.

The song confirms the wild mid wind blowing from hype records into the Ghanaian music industry as the hype artist proves the worth of his voice.

A typical love song, teaches about how love should be treated in a relationship.

'this is no joke, love is a serious problem in a relationship, the question sometimes is, how do you know she loves you or he loves and whether he is not faking', Slim Flex lamented.

The love equation is very simple and I revealed it in the song, funny enough I remember when O P, my boss hear the introduction of the song, he was mouth dropping, trust me, this is a good song, Slim added.

The song is out, the video will soon follow, and hype records are bringing a revolution, one that will transform the Ghanaian high life community.

'ODO PA' is another musical note punched by slim flex and Appietus, have a feel at a local radio station near you.

Story: Nana Yaw Wiredu/

Source : Nana Yaw Wiredu.


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