Kyses evicted as judges save Keshi 3 twice in a row

On Sunday, the judges of ‘Icons: Divas Edition’ saved Keshi 3 again to guarantee the group a spot in the grand finale slated for Apil 23. Kolors was the first group to make it into the Top 3 and they were clearly excited about the new as the jumped about and hugged each other on the stage. They were followed by R&M, who weren’t any less excited.

The Bottom 2, Keshi 3 and Kyses both appealed to the judges to save their groups but when the judges were ready to make their decision, it was quite clear that they had something specific in mind that they we looking for. Gena West commented that although Keshi 3 had been consistent throughout the competition, they have had two bad weeks in a row. She told Kyses that she sees their enthusiasm but she is not always convinced about their vocals and the authenticity of their performance as a group. She therefore saved Keshi 3. Stephanie after saying that Keshi 3 had ridiculous amount of potential, decided to stay on the fence because she didn’t know which goup to save at that point. Quantos commented that based on performances over the weeks, Keshi 3 was more of what the show is looking for and so saved the group as well.

Keshi 3 although excited, went off the stage in tears as Kyses remained on the stage flooded with disappointment. I really wished that all four groups had performed on the night before the eviction, just to give the judges something extra to base such an important decision on. The element of seeing the groups battle each other into the finale was missing and it would have been good for TV if the producers allowed the groups to perform before the eviction; not just for last week but also for the previous weeks.

Keshi 3 opened the performances with and uninspiring rendition of ‘Lady Marmalade’ by Christina Aguilera and Lil Kim. Their phrasing was all over the place, the diction was poor and they seemed out of breath. Stephanie said the performance was all over the place, and Quantos asked them if they heard themselves on stage. Gena commented that they were off key.

Kolors then took on Luther Vandross’ Grammy winning hit, ‘Dance with My Father’. They had nice and controlled melodies, and they owned the song. Gena said the group moved her because they were real. She added that they have grown week after week and called them ‘fabulous’. Quantos said they truly got it going. He added that the group had shown commitment and it was clear that they had been practicing well. Stephanie said they had made her proud.

R&M performed ‘Independent Women’ by Destiny’s Child. They sounded really cool on the song. They started a little shaky, and brought it home quite well even though I didn’t like the ending too well. They also had the right attitude to carry the song. Quantos said it was their best performance so far and asked them not to rest on their laurels. Gena said the performance was believable. She said they are always interesting and their connection with audience was good. Stephanie said they did get down, and were fantastic!

Keshi 3 came back with ‘If This isn’t Love’ by Jenifer Hudson. This time, they were much better than on their first performance. Their diction, attitude, and melodies were good although they went a little off in the middle of the song. Stephanie asked Nana to be surer of herself, adding that if Nana feels comfortable wearing shorts on stage, she should go for it. Quantos said they brought it much better this time around, and Gena said their harmonies were nice. The usual diva tantrums between Stephanie and Gena continued when Gena asked Nana not to wear shorts on stage because of her body type, in response to the remark Stephanie had made earlier. Stephanie asked Gena to try in listen well because she didn’t tell Nana to wear shorts. Gena wittily remarked “Let’s not our knickers in a twist’ and moved on to comment on Keshi 3’s performance. Hmm, we are still waiting for the catfight!

Kolors also returned with Cher’s ‘Believe’. Although the melody was cool and they had a good stage presence I felt it was not the best choice of song for the show because of the monotonous nature of the song. Gena said she liked the song because she didn’t expect them to do that song. She however advised them to be careful of their low notes. She added that they work well as a group and they have winning personalities. Quantos, asked Gloria to promise to sing a gospel song just for him. Stephanie gave the group checks on vocals, attitude, ‘divaliciousness’, and nice hips.

R&M also came back with Kelly Rownland’s ‘You Win’. Their vocals, melody and diction were on point and their performance was lovely. Gena commented that they can sing and that it was beautiful choice of song. Stephanie remarked that they were fantastic!

The winner of Vodafone’s ‘Icons: Divas Edition’ will receive a major recording deal, cash prizes and an exclusive performance at 02 Live concert in May. The winner will be know very soon, to vote for your favourite group to win, text their names to 1737 on all networks.



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